Roadsend PHP-Compiler 1.6.1 released

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New Features include:
– More complete GTK library, including support for Glade and GtkScintilla.
– Integrated and commandline debugger included, with stepping, breakpoints, and all the features you need to track down bugs.
– New Server licensing option, for those that don’t need Windows support.
– Many bugfixes and improvements to the core runtime and standard extension
– Smaller and faster
— megabytes have been shaved off of our install packages, and compiled PHP programs start faster.
– Full cURL extension support.
– New optimizations
— PHP objects 2.5 times faster than PHP 4.3.11. Global variable access 5 times faster!
– Improved deployment tools help to distribute applications with less effort.
– Native support for the FreeBSD platform, no compatibility library needed.
– Fedora Code 4 packages now available
– Enterprise Edition now includes full compiler source code

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