Maguma Workbench mit Profiler und Python-Support

Alexander Comploj von maguma.com teilte mir mit, dass im kommenden Juni die Maguma Workbench 2.5.0 (ein der besten PHP-IDEs überhaupt) in der Version 2.5.0 released werden wird. Neue Power Features für PHP-Profis wie Profiling uvm. machen neugierig:

Maguma will be releasing version 2.5.0 of Workbench on the first of June
and with it will come many expanded abilities to produce scripts, not only
enhanced features targeting PHP developers but this time Python developers will
find things to be happy about. The new version will include the ability to
execute and preview Python scripts, automatically detecting the script type
based on file extension settings. Also new to this version will be the profiling
support for PHP scripts, giving the developer an overview of the script timings
broken down by file, function and line. The Function List module has been
enhanced to provide better support for future Resource Kits that give the user
the ability to preparse scripts and display custom library functions and
objects. File based template support has been added to Workbench,
customizable so that you can use a local repository for personal use or define a
network resource to share the templates among a working group.

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Upgrading Maguma Workbench
If you own and are upgrading Maguma Workbench you can purchase the upgrade directly through our webstore here.
For more information on what 2.5 offers visit the Workbench Section.

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