Apache GUI


ApacheConf is the best shell (GUI) for configuring Apache web servers.
ApacheConf represents all the information in the httpd.conf file in structured
view. All of the server’s directives are grouped by category (Global parameters,
Main server’s parameters, Directories, Virtual hosts, etc) and all these groups
are represented as a tree. In this way, you can see the entire structure of the
server at once and you can easily manage all of the server’s directives as well
as the directories and virtual hosts. ApacheConf is a complete Apache web server
configuration GUI.


Apache Commander is a software complex for administering and configuring
Apache servers. Using this complex makes it easy to administer and configure
them, view their error log files and control both local and remote Apache
servers working on different platforms. It does not matter what Apache servers
you are using – local or remote, working on MS Windows, Linux or Novell NetWare.
This program is especially handy for those who like to configure the server

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